Covid-19 and Sierra County

The Sierra County Government website has current up-to-date information and statistics on the Coronavirus-Covid-19 in Sierra County.  Click on the link to be directed to the website. 

Face coverings are now required in Sierra County. 

Notes from SFMR Board of Directors meeting

COVID-19 Mask Project:
Director Mary Nourse, presented our board with the idea of SFMR providing masks to locals and visitors alike during the COVID-19 crisis.  Shaun Price moved, and Ingrid Larson seconded his motion that SFMR support the project.  The motion passed unanimously.  In a second action proposed by Mary and seconded by Shaun, the board approved budgeting $500 as the initial funding for the program. 

Frank and Ingrid agreed to canvas local groups such as Downieville Improvement Group (DIG), the Lions Club, and the Downieville Fire Auxiliary to see if they want to help fund the project. Mary Ervin offered to ask the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce as well.

SFMR board members have jumped into this project with energy.  Frank already ordered 50 paper surgical masks, so Ingrid moved that we reimburse him for $50.  Shaun seconded, and the motion passed. Meanwhile, Ingrid has nearly 50 dust masks that she will donate to the Downieville Grocery Store and the hardware store. 

SFMR will distribute masks and will soon be available at several locations, including the Visitor Centers in Sierra City and Downieville.  

 A portion of the letter regarding mandated face coverings from the Sierra County Public Health Officer, Dr. Celia Sutton-Pado, states:

"In a separate new Order on Facial Covering, the Health Officer is requiring that all persons, (except for young children under 2 and for those for whom it is not advised for health-related reasons) wear facial coverings (fabric or cloth that covers the nose and mouth) before they enter any indoor facility besides their residence, any enclosed open space, or while outdoors when unable to maintain a six-foot distance from another person. Please note that facial coverings should NOT be placed on any child under 2 years of age. However, it is recommended (with parent/caregiver supervision) for those ages 2-12. 

This Order does not allow for those businesses deemed as non-essential to reopen before the Governor acts in that regard and the Sierra County Reopening Plan is approved to that accord. 

The Order also requires employers to ensure that their employees working out of the home comply with the facial coverings order while on duty. However, facial coverings are not required for those who work alone in a space not regularly visited by the public (such as a private office). Additionally, facial coverings are not required for those who work within a stable group of the same individuals provided that they: (1) do not interact with the public, (2) do not perform the handling, preparation, or packaging of food, (3) work in a location that is closed to the public, (4) are part of a stable working group (typically not more than 12); and (5) are working in conditions where they are not likely to come into contact with others outside the stable group while at work. For such workers meeting these criteria, an employer may adopt a protocol to allow those in such stable working groups to work without a facial covering. 

The Facial Covering Order also allows business owners or operators (to the extent not otherwise prohibited by law) to refuse admission or service to any customer or visitor who fails to wear a facial covering. However, a facial covering should not be required for individuals if they cannot reasonably wear a mask due to health or barriers to access or proper usage. The Facial Covering Order addresses how facial coverings should be handled during certain public recreational activities. When engaging in public recreational activities, it is recommended that everyone bring a facial covering with them and wear that facial covering where it is difficult to comply with social distancing requirements.

 Some recreational activities may cause people to more forcefully expel airborne particles and the six feet social distance requirement may not be enough. It may call for additional measures such as wearing a facial covering when others are more than six feet away, safely crossing the street to avoid pedestrians on the sidewalk when running, and never spitting. 

Finally, the Facial Covering Order adopts the recommendations in the original guidance from April 10, 2020, and reiterates that facial coverings are an additional tool for mitigation of the disease and not a substitute for required minimum social distancing. "

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For additional information and press releases regarding Covid-19, please visit the Sierra County Government page at:   Press-Releases