Ballot Measure 2020

Looking Ahead to November, 2020

A Message from Frank Lang, SFMR President

We need ongoing public support for this vital program to provide emergency care to residents as well as visitors.  We are exhausting community donations and grant options.  

When our first attempt at public tax support failed in Downieville and passed in Sierra City, we asked the community what issues would help pass the tax measure in Downieville.  The response was that they would prefer a shared tax burden between residents and visitors.  To that end, the proponents for EMS, Fire & Rescue Services recommended a blended ballot measure which better shares the cost burden for EMS services in equal measure between western Sierra County residents and visitors. 

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors has approved placing a 2.5% increase in the Sierra County Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to specifically support EMS, Fire and Rescue Services.  The money would accrue to the Fire District in which the TOT funds are derived and to be used for improving EMS services in that Fire District. This TOT increase will benefit all Fire Districts in Sierra County, with the exception of Loyalton; an incorporated city which is not serviced by a County Fire District.

Proponents in the Downieville Fire Protection District and the Sierra City Fire District, respectively, plan to submit a ballot measure to the voters of each of their districts on the November 3rd, 2020 General Election Ballot.  The Tax Measure will require a 2/3 voter approval and would establish a parcel tax in order to sustain paramedic and emergency medical services. This parcel tax will only be placed on improved parcels within these two fire districts.  The parcel tax would sunset in 4 years and will not contain a cost of living adjustment. 

Unless we obtain public support for the paramedic and advanced emergency medical services, we face real and significant risk for increased morbidity and mortality. 

Town hall meetings will be organized over the next several months to provide additional information and discussion regarding both ballot measures.